I have the same problem every half year. When I restart
my PC everything is OK again (at least until now).

Best regards


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> Okay, this is a new one (at least for me...)
> I had a deadline to submit a draft last Wednesday, which was 
> my last day
> before vacation. Wednesday afternoon, I finished the draft, created a
> PDF, and sent it off for review. Today is my first day back in the
> office, and I have revisions to make that HAVE to be done TODAY. I've
> made all the changes in the FM (7.2 for Windows) files and created the
> PDF to send off for final approval. 
> Except that I can't send it off for approval because the page size is
> 0.5 x 0.67 inches!! (The page size should be 8.5 X 11.) This did not
> change in the source files, and I didn't make any changes to my
> distiller settings or to my printer driver instance. I even 
> tested other
> Distiller settings, and they all do the same thing. The Print 
> dialog box
> in FrameMaker says Scale to 100%, same as always.
> Where else should I be looking to see what's wrong? I'm claiming I
> didn't make any changes to the printer/distiller settings, but I *was*
> showing a co-worker a few things in there, so something may have been
> inadvertently changed. BUT I can't see what's different from before...
> Anyone?
> Thanks!
> -Lin

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