karyn hunt wrote: 

> I'll second this one. I've spent literally hours pulling my 
> hair out about "phantom" index entries, only to find that 
> there were multiple, "invisible" 
> index markers that were stacked one atop the other. I'd 
> remove one, only to find there was another one there. And 
> once you think you've got them all, sometimes you have to go 
> back and remove even more. It's crazy making, but I did 
> finally get my index to work.

You can move from one marker to the next with the Find command. David
Stamm's procedure works if you don't use smart spaces. But, IMHO, life
is too short to suffer through this kind of nonsense. FM's marker
manipulation functionality is just plain inadequate for any serious
work. Why put up with it?

Do yourselves a favor and try the several plugins for making this stuff
easier -- IXGen, Index Tools Pro, Marker Tools, ... (I'm sure I'm
forgetting something). I like IXGen (fsatools.com), but I'm certain
they're all huge improvements over plain FM. Pick one that works for you
and buy it. 


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