Frank -

Thanks for following up.  Your service to me has always been prompt,
courteous, and effective.

<aside to all>
I have, use, and hardily recommend using IXgen; I'm a satisfied
</aside to all>

Murray, it was evident to me that you do not have IXgen.  Not all of us
are fortunate enough to have it.  Hence, the procedure I posted.

Having some time ago used the procedure Frank presented below, I was
mystified when (after I deleted the offending marker) from the source
file, FrameMaker still showed a marker in the same place.  Being
curious, I sorted things out for myself and do my best to avoid having
stacks of markers.

Through entropy (that is, human error, "LAN interference," and whatever)
strange things happen, so (from time to time) I remind myself that:

"There are certain practical limits to the application of technology."

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(oops -- I forgot to reply to the list... Sorry, David, for the dbl post
to you! <g>-Frank Stearns)

On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, Stamm, David-P45904 wrote:

> Try this.
>  1.  By whatever means, go to the marker that you believe is the 
> offender.  The marker appears highlighted.  Remember that the marker

Maybe I missed something here, but you can also always turn on hypertext
linking when doing a generate/update. Then from the new index doc go to
the whacky entries and control-alt-click on their page numbers one by
one -- the control-alt-click will jump you back to the source doc and
that marker will be selected, whether you can see the selection or not.

Press DEL. Unless it really is the horror marker from Brimstone Regions,
it oughtta go away.

If not, we'd still like to see the doc.

(One shameless plug of a side note: IXgen can make clustered markers
very easy to see, either in context in the body text, or in a sorted or
unsorted listing document that you can edit and then "return" to the
source markers.)

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