I guess your problem is that you wrote in a table cell.
FrameMaker will - unlike Word - not split table cells
if the cell height got too large for the text frame.
Therefore you have to limit the amount of text in your
table cell and continue in the next table row.

Best regards


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> Subject: FM won't create a second page
> Dear all,
> the second time it happens to me.
> First : I was writing text on my first page and when I 
> reached the bottom of 
> it, FM did not create a second page to write on but allowed 
> me to write on 
> and on underneath the footer.
> Second : I inserted an anchored frame in the lowest cell of a 
> table (bottom 
> of the page) and the same thing happened - the anchored frame 
> inserted well, 
> but half of it (the lowest part) was invisible, below the 
> footer once again.
> Any idea on how to fix that?
> First time I "added an unlinked page" (I don't really know 
> how it's called 
> in the English version, it is "Ajouter des pages non 
> connect?es" in French) 
> but it does not satisfy me.
> Thanx in advance for your help.
> Mathieu.

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