The quick and simple answer is that the function you are looking for can 
be found in the Edit menu:
Edit > Copy Special > Paragraph Format
Edit > Copy Special > Character Format

The longer answer, IMO, depends on what you're doing with the function. 
Are you propagating named formats from the catalogue or are you 
propagating formatting overrides? If propagating formatting overrides, you 
simply shouldn't be. If you intent is to have consistent formatting, the 
definitions belong in the Paragraph and Character Catalogues as named 

Then, there is no need to use Copy Special. Just use the catalogues, the 
formatting bar, or F9 to apply formats in your documents.

Personally, I use the Copy Special mostly when changing paragraphs from 
one named format to another using the Find dialog set to "Find Paragraph 
Tag" and replace set to "By Pasting". But, I will use it to propagate new 
named paragraph formats. Character formatting should NEVER be propagated 
using Copy Special as the formatting from the insertion point is copied 
and not just the character tag formatting.

Eric L. Dunn

Senior Technical Writer

nidhi khosla wrote on 08/04/2006 05:58:26 AM:

> Hi,

> I do not have much experience with Framemaker and
> would like to know if there is a feature similar to
> Format Painter in MS Word, basically to copy the
> character/paragraph format of one entity to another.

> Thanks
> Nidhi


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