Hi, Ed:

This approach works in 10.3.9, so it might be a Tiger change nobody's 
yet encountered.

Have you tried starting up in OS 9.x, if Tiger permits it, setting the 
memory, then quitting and restarting in Tiger?

Also, have you checked your permissions for the application? Your 
current account may not have the same permissions as the account FM was 
installed from. Perhaps running Disk Utility to reset permissions might 

In Classic Preferences you can display a memory usage indicator for 
Classic applications, so you can adjust your memory allocation to match 
the demands of your current project. Also, at least in 10.3.9, after you 
type in the memory setting value, close the Info panel immediately, then 
reopen it to make sure that your value is entered correctly. I've found 
that it's easy to unintentionally delete what you've just entered.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Ed Rush wrote:
> In "real" Mac OS 9 and earlier, you would increase the memory allotted 
> to FrameMaker (or any app) by typing a number in the app's Information 
> window (command-I). In Classic under OS 10.4, however, I'm seeing this 
> grayed out. It won't let me up the memory.
> Does anyone here know of a way around this? I need to accommodate a 
> big book, and FM can't open all of the files at once.
> -*"*-.,,.-*"*-.,,.-*"*-.,,.-*"*-.,,.-*"*-.,,.-*"*-.,,.-*"*?
> Ed Rush
> Boise, Idaho
> ed at edrene.us
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