I have a problem transferring wmf files from a PC to a Mac. The files are 
imported by reference into a book of several chapters plus front matter and 
generated files. I am using a USB memory stick to transfer a folder containing 
the book file and associated files from my office PC to my home Mac in 
Structured Framemaker 7.0 (although this book is not structured). There are 
many imported graphics in the book, in the form of .wmf files. When I transfer 
a folder of these .wmf files from the PC to the Mac via the memory stick, 
Framemaker does not recognize these files. My Mac sees them as Illustrator 
files, but they are not changed to .ai files. They appear on the Mac with 
a .wmf icon (I think applied by Illustrator). When I direct Framemaker to the 
new path on the Mac, it cannot import the files. They work fine on the PC. 
Should I change the graphic format to something else Framemaker on the Mac can 
recognize? Has anyone dealt with a similar problem, and found a

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