At 8:45 PM -0400 8/8/06, Eduardo F. Cidade, Sr. wrote:
>Good morning fellow Acrobats and Framers
>First, the setup:  Frame 7.0p579, Acrobat 5.0.5
>Okay, I generated a TOC.  The process went flawlessly.  The leader dots from
>the heading*X*TOC to the page number appear.  That's not the problem.
>The problem occurs twofold:
>a.  When printing to a physical printer, the first row of leader dots
>appears, but the second and subsequent rows do not appear.
>b.  Well, then I decided to print to a .ps file, then render to a .PDF,
>thinking I can beat this problem via the PDF side of the house.....same
>result.  The document is picture-perfect except for the leader dots.....they
>don't appear in the document for other than the first row.
>Any hints, tips, or tricks would be most appreciated.
>Regards and thanks

 Sounds like you didn't "Update all" when you were on the Ref page. You need to 
apply that style update on the ref page, not the body page. If you do it only 
on the body page, it won't "take. Then make sure that the style is applied to 
all of the tags on the body page, or you won't get what you want. This is one 
of those rare freaky little twists in FrameMaker. There aren't a lot of them, 
but this little honey is one of the more obscure of the lot.

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