At 11:15 PM 8/8/2006, Venkatesh wrote:
>1. I have defined an element "Index" as <EMPTY>.
>2. I have defined another element "Glossary" with some sub elements.
>3. My book is defined with the above elements as optional with only one 
>occurrence  in it  (Glossary?, Index?)
>4. I have included both these elements in the TOC when generating it.
>The issue that I am facing is that I am getting the Glossary listing in 
>the TOC but not the Index listing.
>I have tried the following to solve the issue but was unsuccessful.
>1. Changed the "Index" element to contain a "IndexHead" element and using 
>the "IndexHead" element in the TOC - Did not work.
>2. Changed the "Index" element General Rule to "IndexHead,<TEXT>" and 
>included the "Index" element in the TOC - Did not work.
>3. Changed the "Index" element General Rule to "IndexHead, IndexBody" and 
>included the "IndexHead" element in TOC - Did not work.
>4. Same as above but included the "IndexBody" element instead - Did not work.

   Entries in a TOC for a book are derived from elements or paragraphs in 
book components (the files in the book). Elements in the book itself cannot 
contribute to the TOC. Thus, if you add an empty Index element to your 
book, even if you set up the TOC to include Index, there will be no entry. 
Similarly, if you define Index to include IndexHead, and set up the TOC to 
include IndexHead, there will be no entry.

   If you want the Index element to correspond to an index generated by 
FrameMaker, define Index with a general rule of <TEXT>. Add an index to the 
book the way you would add an index to an unstructured book. A 
BOOK-COMPONENT bubble will appear in the Structure View for the book. 
Select this bubble and wrap an Index element around it so that your book 
structure is valid.

   Since the generated index is an unstructured file, you make its TOC 
entry by including a paragraph rather than an element in the TOC. Keeping 
the generated index unstructured, insert a title at the beginning of the 
index, using a paragraph format (such as IndexHead) that you do not use 
elsewhere. Make sure this paragraph format is defined in the paragraph 
catalog for the index. Then import paragraph formats from the index into 
the book so that this paragraph format is available when you set up the 
TOC. Set up the TOC to include this paragraph format.


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