Thanks to all who replied to my question. I really don't know what was
causing the problem but it disappeared when we re-created the book. I
could save the new book to mif without problems.

Again, thanks all for the help!


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> Subject: Re: FM crashes when trying to save a certain .book as .mif
> We had a file crash a couple of weeks ago when saving to MIF. 
> Turned out the problem was that it had a table of contents 
> imported as a text inset at the start, and the second page of 
> that had two copies of the text frame. Once we deleted the 
> spare, problem gone.
> Cheers, Rebecca
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> Hi all,
> Platform: WinXP Pro, SP2
> FM version: 7.0p579
> When I try to save a certain .book-file as .mif (via Save 
> Book As), Framemaker crashes with something like "Internal 
> error 7004, 4774952, 6370823, 6388968").
> Other .book-files I can saven to .mif without problems.
> Any ideas for where to start troubleshooting?
> Thanks,
> /Martin
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