It's not a strange problem, and it has an easy solution because
FrameMaker is designed to work this way.

If you construct an example of exactly how you want your table 
to appear and then use the New Format command in the Table
Designer, FrameMaker will create a new named table format 
that matches the example table. Besides capturing all of the 
properties in the Table Designer, the table format also includes
a set of default properties that will be used whenever you create
a new table using that format. (But note that these default 
properties will *not* be used if you apply the table format to a
table that already exists with some other format.) The new table
default properties that are captured from the example when 
you create or update a table format include:
- the number of columns and their widths
- the number of heading, body, and footing rows
- the paragraph format for each cell in the (first) heading row
- the paragraph format for each cell in the first body row
- the paragraph format for each cell in the (first) footing row

All you have to do to replicate the table format you have 
defined is to choose your named table format when you use 
the Table>Insert Table command.

Or if what you're trying to accomplish is a warning or caution
that uses a specific graphic/icon in the first column, another 
approach to consider is placing an example of the table, 
complete with the icon, on a Reference Page so that it can
simply be copied and pasted wherever it is needed. And if this
approach is useful to you, there are several plug-ins or add-ons
that can streamline the process; there's a Silicon Prairie tool
that gets mentioned on the list frequently, but I can't remember
it's name right now (need more coffee...).

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com)
Parsippany, NJ

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Hi Framers

I am caught with a strange problem. I need to define a table with single
and two columns. The left column has to contain graphic and the right
contains Text. I know that we can do this manually by selecting formats
the fomat selection drop-down. But is there a way to assign both the
different formats. So that when ever that table format is selected; both
columns automatically reflect the assigned table format.

Please let me know of the possibility with any of structured ot

Thanks a lot

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