I noted previously that most FM dialogs have both static and dynamic
controls. If you resize the dialog box and move around the static
controls, you risk damaging the dynamic behavior.

Developers define static controls in "resource files" which get compiled
into executables or DLLs. Developers generate dynamic controls as the
program is running, by issuing Windows API calls. If you modify the
static controls or the dialog box containing them, you may end up
putting a static control at the same place a dynamic control is supposed
to appear.

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Rick and Melissa:

> You can use a resource editor such as ResHacker or PE Module Explorer 

Make a backup copy of fmdlg.dll before you start hacking (but you knew 
this anyway, right?).  I tried to do this just a week ago with FM 7.2
FM complained when booting, then died.  I don't know if the fmdlg.dll
has somehow changed.  Mind you, I changed the relative positions of some

of the buttons, etc. as well as generally enlarging the dialogue, so 
perhaps that was it.  Has anybody successfully hacked FM 7.2 dialogues?

s and info.

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