Usually, the absence of para and character catalog icons in right side
of doc window indicates that your document is "locked" or a "hypertext"
document. I don't know how this would occur when you first create a
document, but try the following keyboard shortcut to unlock the
document: ESC F l k (Escape, the cap F, the lowercase "L" then lowercase
"K"). This shortcut toggles in making a document locked or unlocked.

The other thing to check would be your computer monitor settings; that
you don't have part of your FrameMaker window extending beyond the right
edge of the screen. Check to see if you have a long horizontal scroll
bar at the bottom of the window.

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When I create a new FrameMaker document, the symbols representing the 
paragraph and character catalogs don't appear on the right side of the 
document. Why not?  And, how can I display them?


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