After the import, before you try retagging, you may want to save to
MIF and open that file in FM. It's pretty well documented that Word's
hidden control characters often survive an import and can cause all
kinds of "inreresting" and unexpected behavior. So I think that would
be my starting point.

If that didn't fix it, in FM I'd try converting the table to
paragraphs, saving to MIF and reopening, and then converting the paras
to the correct table format.


On 8/16/06, Maxwell Hoffmann <mhoffmann at> wrote:
> FrameUsers: I've encountered odd symptoms with retagging tables in FM7.1
> (WinXP) that may be a bug. I am retagging a table that is in a converted
> Word document, and the table title is appearing blank (not including
> "TableTitle" paragraph.) If this is normal behavior, or if anyone has an
> explanation, please advise me.
> Normally in a document that has two table styles (one with table title,
> one with none) if you select a table that has no title and retag it from
> Table Designer as a style which does have a title, a blank table title
> will appear. The table title zone will include the paragraph tag
> "TableTitle" giving you autonumbered text "Table 1:" or whatever.
> I am importing a Word doc into FrameMaker which has 2 types of tables.
> The FM template has one table style defined with a title, the other
> style defined without a title. After the Word doc is opened in FM, and
> the template is imported, if I select a table and retag it as "FormatB"
> which has a title, a "blank" table title appears, without the
> autonumbered paragraph "TableTitle".  I have to manually insert the
> title paragraph.
> I get the same results if I import the contents of the Word doc "import
> by copy" into an empty FM template.
> If I go into Word, select the same table, then "paste special" into the
> above mentioned FM doc as RTF, I can then select the table, retag it as
> the style with title, and a full table title (including "TableTitle"
> paragraph) will appear.
> Has anyone else run into this?
> I am using unstructured FrameMaker. My version of Word is Word2003.
> Maxwell Hoffmann
> Manager of Applications Engineering
> ENLASO Corporation

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