They may not have fixed resolutions. If the graphics
originated in a vector graphics tool (e.g. Adobe 
Illustrator, Visio, CorelDraw) their scalable vector
nature is preserved in the PDF and speaking of 
resolution is not meaningful. Likewise, all text that
uses PostScript (Type 1), TrueType (Type 42), 
or OpenType fonts is handled as outlines, so 
they too do not have a fixed resolution. Only 
graphics that were originally in a raster image 
format (BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG, etc.) have
a fixed resolution in a PDF.

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I need to import pdfs to use as graphics. Because I
didn't create the pdfs, I don't know what their
resolutions are. Is there any way to discover that
from the document?

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Madeleine Reardon Dimond
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