I have two cmyk images that I copied into Framemaker 7.2 on the PC. They are
both made by Makita. Makita's color is a teal/aqua color.
One image looks teal/aqua in color like it should in Frame, however, the
other image looks like Seafoam -- a greenish, blueish color. In photoshop
the images are slightly different in color, brightness and contrast.
Why does Frame display like this? Is there a fix in Frame? In photoshop I
can fix the image but its time consuming and a lot of trial and error.
The bottom line is I have a client who doesn't want to send his files out to
the printer but print them on a color printer. Thus his images do not all
look correct when printed on the business printer.
We always send out files out to print thus we have never discovered this
Any help, suggestions would be appreciated.
Scott White
Media Production Manager
Implentation Coordinator
AlaMark Technologies
swhite at alamark.com

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