Add the variable called "Table Continuation" after the text in the table 
header. It won't show unless the table breaks, and then only on not-first table 
pages. (It is found along with the others in the regular Variable dialog.)


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-> Hello all, 
-> I'm working on a document that I'd like to add "con't" to 
-> the table when it carries over to a new page. 
-> For example, Table 2 : Happy Machine has too many rows for 
-> one page, and it's carried over. I'd like to see Table 2 : 
-> Happy Machine, cont'd
-> I don't know if it's possible to direct FM to do this. Do 
-> you think that it's possible? Does anyone have a way to do it?
-> Thank you all in advance!
-> Best regards
-> Jennifer K. Blom
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