That is what I'm experiencing. However, you don't get the true color until,
in our applications, you run it through a 4-color process.
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> From: Steve Rickaby <srickaby at>
> Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:39:40 +0100
> To: <framers at>
> Subject: Re: CMYK Images in Frame
> At 16:35 -0400 23/8/06, eric.dunn at wrote:
>> Welcome to the (hellish) world of colourmatching. Fussing with the colour
>> on screen is virtually meaningless. If the two are supposed to be the
>> same, they SHOULD be the same. If they are displaying differently, they
>> undoubtedly are different and do need edited in image editing software.
> A tangential remark: I recently worked on a job that used a key color.
> Although the CMYK mix was matched carefully across all the contributing
> applications, the actual color displayed totally differently in FrameMaker to
> Illustrator. When both the imported Illustrator work and the FrameMaker files
> were combined and output to PDF, the two 'different' colors appeared the same,
> and correct.
> I guess FrameMaker's color rendering is a little behind that of Adobe's CS2
> applications.
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> Steve
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