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>Another tangent: Were either the Illustrator or FrameMaker displayed colours 
>IDENTICAL to the printed output?

No, but the Illustrator color was a lot more identical than the FrameMaker 
color, which was way, way off.

>I suspect both were "incorrect" in some regard. It's only the final 
>deliverable colour that's important.

Sure, of course. All on-screen colors are merely an attempt to get close to the 
final output color.

> And that's completely dependent on the device producing the output (except 
> for the unfortunate content that gets mangled by the OS between colour spaces 
> before output).

Output for this job is a bridge yet to be crossed ;-)

>Analogy: The only important factor is the colour of the paint when it
>dries. NOT the colour when it's in the can, or still wet on the wall. I'll
>admit it is worrying painting cabinets a shockingly bright pink. But they
>dried to the nice dark red we were looking for.

This is a relevant analogy, as I'm currently redecorating my house. As I stick 
to various tones of insipid, I'm usually safe. Unlike the next-door neighbor of 
a friend, who painted the outside of his house a violent green by accident. As 
a surprise for his wife. Boy was she surprised.

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