Hi, Charles:

Charles Beck wrote:
> Fellow Framers,
> I am trying to create a new character format, called Subscript. This
> format should only make the selected text appear in a subscript, same
> (relative) size, font, weight, color, etc. with respect to the default
> paragraph font. However, Frame (7.0) does not allow me to use the "As
> Is" option for the Size attribute. Whenever I try to select it ("As Is")
> and Apply/Update All, Frame fills in this field with the text size for
> the paragraph I am currently in.
It IS confusing, because the designer's feedback includes all formatting 
at the cursor/insertion point.

Most likely you're creating the character tag correctly, but, because 
it's not applied to the selected text or to the cursor position when you 
choose Update All, the feedback from the designer reverts to the 
non-subscripted property.

One way to do do this with certainty is to move the cursor out of all 
text by clicking into the page margin area, then choosing the character 
format's tag name in the designer. Another way is to leave the cursor in 
the text, and choose Commands > Set Window to As Is. After either of 
these actions, set the subscript ON, and choose Update All. To verify 
your work, click into margin area again and choose the character tag in 
the designer.
>  That then becomes the default font size
> for this character format from that point on. 
> How do I get it so that this character format does not mess with the
> font size, but leaves it alone? I'm stumped on this one... What am I
> missing?

Peter Gold
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