Ugh. Upgrades can be a pain.

I'd start by checking if you have a printer FILE: port. That's the port
FM sends print jobs to when printing as postscript, which "Save as PDF"
needs as an intermediate step. Updating/reinstalling Acrobat seems to
clobber the port, for us anyway.

If you don't have a FILE: port, just create one (from your Start menu).
In the Printer Properties dialog of any printer, select the Ports tab.
Note the port that this printer is currently using. Then click Add Port,
select Local Port, click New Port, type FILE: (uppercase and : both
required). Click Okay till you're back at the printer properties. The
printer will now be using the FILE: port; set it to use its original
port instead. Nothing needs to be using the FILE: port - it just needs
to exist. 

If that doesn't work, I'd uninstall both FM and Acrobat and try again.
If you've got the full version of Acrobat, then don't install the
version of Distiller from the FM CD. Leave it to Acrobat instead. And
after your second attempt, check for the FILE: port again.

Hope that helps!

>>> "DON SHAFFER" <DSHAFFER at> 25/08/06 01:32 >>>

We recently received new computers. FM 7.0 is installed, with our
Acrobat updated from 4 to 7. We are now unable to "save book as pdf".
appears not to be able to find Distiller as a printer option? Please
suggest how to correct our problem.
Don Shaffer
Ariel Corp.


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