I'm sorry but that is simply incorrect. In both the 6.0 and
7.0 versions of Acrobat, both the Standard and Professional
editions have included Acrobat Distiller. The capabilities of
Distiller are slightly different between Standard and Pro
(Pro supports the use of watched folders and has additional
capabilities if you're creating PDFs from CAD applications) but
it is certainly part of the package in each case.

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Fred Ridder
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>Subject: RE: Frame 7.2 & Acrobat Standard 6
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>You need the Professional version to get Acrobat Distiller.
>Karen L. Zorn
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>Mesa, AZ
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>I've never run Acrobat Standard, always Professional. Does anyone know if
>you can generate PDFs from Frame 7.2 if you have only Acrobat Standard 6.0?

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