Moores wrote:
> I haven't had the luxury of anything except hand-built reference lists
> before-- how painful is the RTF export part of the process (that builds
> the library?) for EndNote? Are other programs more compatible and still
> effective? Who has the magic website with a feature comparison list? (I
> did search before posting.)

Endnote used to process mif, but it appears that this is no longer the case. I
have not it tested though.

So, will the word processing documents be compiled once they are written?
Perhaps your writers can use Cite As You Write in Word and then have those
documents brought into FM when done. That way all the reference lists will be
complete and the citations will be correctly matched. It may be useful to
consider linking the documents so that any further changes can be updated. All
you need to ensure then is that they follow the rules of formatting (something
that seems to be very difficult to enforce with users of MSW, I've found).


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