I have a friend who has a Mac-based DTP biz and occasionally has a need to read 
a PC file. I see a bit of patter from time to time here indicating that folks 
are running Windows on Macs so this list occurred to me as a potential resource 
in helping her out. They are using some kind of software to run Windows XP on 
one of their Macs and just recently when they get this message when they try to 
fire up Windows:

   NTLDR: Fatal Error 2592 reading BOOT.INI

I suggested that if I got something like this on a PC that I'd put in a boot 
disk suspecting a bad boot sector on the hard drive. She said she could try 
putting in the installattion CD, but I'm guessing that won't do the trick.

I asked her for additional information (see below), but perhaps I should have 
asked for more. Here's what I asked for:

~  What version of the Mac OS are you running?

~  What version of the Windows OS are you running?

~  What is the name of the software solution that you are running 
    that allows you to run the Windows OS on a Mac?

Thanks in advance for whatever assistance you can provide or additional 
questions I might need to answer before I'll be likely to get her on the right 
J. Paul Kent

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