If your company is a member of the ATA, you can obtain
the DTD for spec 100 from the ATA. Using that DTD, you
can generate a FrameMaker EDD. You then add to the EDD
the formatting information you require to produce
structured ATA 100-compliant documents. 

--- Steve Cavanaugh <steve at strayca.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I'm a brand new FrameMaker user here,
> and I've been hired to
> produce a Component Maintenance Manual to ATA
> Spec-100, to which I am also
> new.  EGAD!  It raises the question in my mind - are
> there any repositories
> of public domain templates for industry standard
> type documents such as Spec
> 100?  I'm certain that with a bit of study, I'll be
> able to produce one, but
> if I had one to model from, and learn from, it would
> decrease the learning
> curve considerably.  Anyone know of such a
> repository, or even where I might
> find a set of stand alone templates for ATA Spec
> 100?  
> By the way, this looks like a very useful list -
> I've already learned
> several things in just the last two weeks.  
> Steve Cavanaugh
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