Hi Framers:

I have numerous FM 6.0 books and I am now using FM7.2.
Whenever I open/modify and save a file now, I get the
following error message.

'The document was saved to a temporary file, but
FrameMaker cannot rename it to have the correct name.
The newer version has an odd suffix.'

FM is creating suffixes like:  fm.2A8,  fm.3D7 etc. 
I am not renaming the file, I am simply open it,
change a few content items and try to save.  I have
noticed that as soon as I open the document, it has an
* at the bottom indicating something has already been
changed.  Note many of these files have been opened in
7.2 previously with no issue.

Anyone know what's going on?  This is a pain in butt!

Thanks in advance,


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