At 10:43 -0700 29/8/06, The red fox wrote:

>I have numerous FM 6.0 books and I am now using FM7.2. Whenever I open/modify 
>and save a file now I get the following message.
>'The document was saved to a temporary file, but
>FrameMaker cannot rename it to have the correct name.
>The newer version has an odd suffix.'
>FM is creating suffixes like:  .2A8,  3D7 etc.  NOTE: I am not renaming the 
>file, I am just making normal modifications to content and trying to save it.
>Anyone know what's going on?  This is a pain in butt!

My guess is that you are running anti-virus software. As you are running 
FrameMaker 7.2, you cannot be running on a Mac, but on the Mac I have seen the 
same behavior with AV software active (from more than one vendor), which goes 
away when the AV software is disabled.

If this is the case, the fix is to either turn off your AV software, or create 
a 'no scan' zone that includes your FrameMaker files. What you are seeing are, 
I think, temporary files that FrameMaker creates and then deletes as part of 
the save process, but FrameMaker is finding that something is preventing it 
from deleting the files.


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