If you are only talking about returning to the location where you 
were before you followed a hyperlink or cross-reference, the
answer is that there is a solution in Shlomo Perets' user interface
customizations for FrameMaker, which is now a low-cost 
commercial product called ToolbarExpress Plus 4.0. See 
http://microtype.com/ToolbarPlus.html for more information.
I've been using Shlomo's free Express Customization package
(no longer available) for a number of years but haven't yet 
waded through the complexity of the corporate purchasing 
process to upgrade to the new tool.

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Hi all,

I am putting out this question on behalf of a colleague here, but it is
something I have also long wondered about. Amazing how we end up just
accepting the status quo all too often... But I digress.

OK, so, you know how you can do a Ctrl+Alt click on a link or
cross-reference in Frame to go to the linked topic? Well, is there a key
combination that allows you to backtrack to the topic you came from
initially (like the Back button in a browser window or Acrobat)? 

If not, (are you listening Adobe?) why not?


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