My otherwise stable FrameMaker 7.0p578 on Win XP SP2 all of a sudden
displays a print error, when I try to print a book to a PS file using Adobe
It says: "Cannot print some imported images. Click OK to continue" followed
by an error dialog: "An error occurred while printing" and then the printing
stops. The same book will, however, print on the Mac (FM 7.0 on 0S 10.3)
with no errors. And the images have not changed and used to print fine on
the PC.

The error occurs when I work on our server and when I work locally on the
PC. On the PC I also use WWPublisher ePro 9.2.1 and Acrobat 5.05 plus Reader

Since we recently changed workgroup in our department and I changed user on
my PC I thought that this could be the cause of the problem, and I decided
to remove and reinstall Frame and its patches, but to no avail. What am I
missing in solving this problem?

Thanks anyone for any clues.

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