Hi all out there!

After some months a bit far from the technical writing arena, I can finally 
enjoy some more interesting challenges.

During this time, I have managed to set up a wiki environment that will, at 
least, solve part of my problems while working with teams where an easy-to-use 
edition environment is needed. Mediawiki is helping us with to create such an 

But I am afraid I miss-read, or miss-evaluate, the available output options. 
Mediawiki is not good at giving structure to a document, nor has an standard 
mark up. And I am far from being able to contribute with such an extension. 
Sorry. So, I have now bunch of documents needing edition to create the required 
layout for several publishers stuck in Mediawiki.

As any wiki, HTML rendering is the default view for any article.

So, please,..

1. Does anybody know if there is any available tool to export Mediawiki 
articles to MIF, XML (the body of the article must be tagged, not only the 

2. If not, is there any tool to save HTML as MIF?

3. Have these questions any sense for you? Have I missed any important point 
about this issue?

Thank you so much for your help,


Ricardo Rodr?guez
Your XEN ICT Team

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