Hi everyone, hope you are relaxing during the holiday season. Yeah right!

Anyway, I have a queston, it's about something I do NOT remember ever seeing
in my long experience with FrameMaker, but who knows I may have forgotten.

My ChapterTitle, Heading 1TOC, Heading2TOC, all have a right aligned tab at
6.0" - the font is ITC Gothic Book 12 pt, and 10pt. I'm using
FrameMaker 7.2- what's happening is the page numbers along the right
are ever so slightly
wavering back and forth. No clear cut line of numbers.

It's not a big difference but enough to make the eyes go crazy. Do you
remember, know a fix for this? I tried applying a character tag "Page
numberTOC" set at Arial, 10pt for all paragraphs starting with the tab
character and ending with the page number. But still get the wave.

Any help is appreciated, sorry to hear that the list was having problems
with bots and other obnoxious net-folk, hope the web site is back online

TIA for any help you can offer

ActiveVoice LLC
Seattle, WA

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