I am struggling to find a way to make an anchored frame span more than one 
column of a multi-column layout. If I set the frame uncropped, it messes with 
the text flow (the text threads to adjacent columns above the figure, which is 
not what I want), and if I set it cropped, half of it disappears behind the 
adjacent column of text. If I create a  paragraph for the anchor that has 
'across all columns' set, I get the same effect as setting the frame uncropped.

I suspect it might be something to do with the runaround properties of the 
frame, but I seem to remember that this can only be accessed using Dark Magic. 
Can anyone suggest a solution? What I want to achieve is for a figure to span 
more than one column, but for the text threading to be unaffected by the 
presence of the figure.


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