Do you have a r/w write rule that maps the tgroup element to a table? Is 
the TCaption element declared in your DTD and defined in the EDD to a 
FrameMaker table title? FM does treat an element named "tgroup" specially; 
it tries to interpret it in light of the CALS table model, and your 
definition is not quite the standard one.

At 05:45 PM 12/11/2006, Lofthouse Marsha-PT1816 wrote:
>I can now open them in FrameMaker with no errors and the structure is
>exactly as I defined it. However, when I save the XML file, my TCaption
>element disappears.
><!ELEMENT tgroup (TCaption?, THead?, TBody, TFooter?) >
><!ELEMENT TCaption (#PCDATA | Emphasis | lots of other stuff)* >
><!ATTLIST TCaption Target ID #REQUIRED >
>The TCaption element (and it's contents) is there when I open the file.
>There are no errors showing in the Structure View.
>When I save the XML file from FrameMaker, I get an error indicating an
>ID attribute was referenced but never declared. That is because the ID
>attribute in question is declared in TCaption.
>I've been staring at this way too long today.
>If you need more information, let me know.
>Thanks in advance for any clues you might be able to give me.
>Marsha Lofthouse
>Motorola, Inc., Public Safety Applications
>North America Government & Commercial Markets Division
>Boulder Design Center
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