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Finally found a solution going through the Acrobat Windows user to user 
forum. It eventuated that I was definitely not alone, and that there is 
the same or similar thing happening with some Acro Pro 8 installations 
(which all shut down within 10 seconds without warning).

Anyway, to close the loop, here is the link to the article which 
contained my fix (solutions 2 and 4 seemed to do the trick):


John Pitt wrote:
> Thought I'd finished with my Acrobat woes -- but ... wrong!
> I upgraded my work XP Pro laptop and home PC from Acro 5 to 7.08 a 
> couple of weeks ago. The home PC works fine now (thanks Fred!), but when 
> I run Acro 7 on the laptop, all is OK until about one minute has passed. 
> It then closes with no warning or other messages.
> I have searched through the Acro user-to-user forum and the other Adobe 
> KB articles and have gone through all the possible causes in 
> "Troubleshoot system errors or freezes", but with no luck.
> I suspect there is some link with system timing on the laptop, because 
> when I ran with a different login at a different client site today, it 
> died consistently within about 10 seconds!
> Does anyone have any idea what is causing my problem and how to fix it?
> Specs: Dell Inspiron 9400, 2 GHz Core 2 Duo, XP Pro with all updates, 2 
> GHz RAM, nvidia GEForce Go 7900 GS.
> jjj

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