> A year or two ago I installed TrackChanges on FrameMaker 7.0p579.
> Afterward FrameMaker began crashing when I edited text. Never
> had done so previously. I eventually figured out that
> deleting words with Ctrl-Delete was causing the FrameMaker
> failures. After fruitless troubleshooting and research,
> including a note to this list, I happened to remove
> TrackChanges. No crashes since then.

One or two years ago is a long time for software (well... except for major
FrameMaker upgrades!). Control-Delete is not crashing Frame 7.2 now, using
the beta 1.9 version.

> There is no fix and it is still unstable. It caused my Frame 7.0 to
> crash multiple times. I called the company. They have no intention of
> fixing it since everyone is upgrading to 7.2 and getting multiple undo
> from Adobe. 
Multi-Undo is a separate product from Track Changes, but it appears you are
referring to both products. (Perhaps you purchased a bundle?)
Could it be that problem was with Multi-Undo and *not* Track Changes?

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