On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Rick Henkel wrote:

> Does anyone have a second e-mail address for Frank? When I send mail
> to franks at fsatools.com, the message comes back undeliverable.
> Frank, are you out there?

Yes!!! We are still here.

May all spammers die a hideous death. It seems our ISP has been having 
mail server problems because of them. (Sheer volumes of this junk has 
overwhelmed one of the oldest and most reliable ISPs in our area.)

You can also try our direct ISP address of franks at pacifier.com.

Calling is fine too, but just discovered that our answering system is not 
working properly, and I'm scrambling to find another solution there, too. 

Isn't technology wonderful? (When it works.)

Apologies to anyone who has tried to reach us without success, though some 
messages have been getting through.

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