Hi Karen,

Unfortunately, FrameScript won't help because it "sees" imported OLE objects 
as if they were imported by copy. In other words, FrameScript (or the FDK) 
cannot determine the path to an OLE object.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi
> How can I be sure that a linked graphic is where it is supposed to be?
> I just had a situation where the reviewer of my doc had trouble
> because the graphic wasn't where it was supposed to be for him.
> Under Edit > Links, the particular graphic is shown in the window as
> ...\<filename>.vsd with Type Visio and Update Automatic
> For source, it states
> \\server\...\Graphics\<filename>.vsd
> The path is a bit long, so I get three dots instead of the full path.
> Policy is to have all graphics in a folder called Graphics, so
> everything looks great to me. I will never see a problem because I
> only use the one server. The fastest way to determine whether the
> location is truly correct, is to click Change Source and open the Look
> in drop-down menu. Only then can I see something is wrong. With 69
> graphics, this procedure is a pain. Other docs have twice as many. The
> dialog box cannot be widened.
> How can I easily check that locations are correct as a part of my
> preparing-for-review process? I just had a case where the graphic was
> recycled. A copy of the graphic was in the correct, new folder, but my
> pointer was to the original in another location. This could be
> disastrous if I made any updates to the graphic. I'd be updating the
> wrong one and not know it. During review, the person doing a new build
> of the document in FM ran into big trouble. The other folder I was
> using (unknowingly) is in Denmark. He is in California. Framemaker
> hung for ages. At least we got an error message, and I could track
> down the miscreant, but this happens at a time when time is at a
> premium (of course). I know about
> http://home.comcast.net/~bruce.foster/Archive.htm, but I want to know
> the status before taking that step. I have FrameScript if someone
> thinks that is the route to go. A List of References doesn't work,
> because these are .vsd files imported as objects.
> Thanks.
> regards, Karen Mardahl

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