Hi Fred, 

I'm so glad you brought this subject up.

I found the same problem in some of the files I inherited from the
previous staff. It's awful because the generated paragraph is sometimes
an AppendixNum. I tried your solution but perhaps I'm missing something
because it did not work for me. All my paratags have PgfLocked set to
No. Can you share more details? Incidentally, this is my first time to
work with MIFs. 

Does anyone know if the auto-generated paratag after an inset still
shows up in Frame 7? 

Jing Torralba
Saratoga Systems, Inc.
(408) 558-9606

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Every now and then I get stuck with one of those auto-generated
paragraphs that appears after a text inset that refuses to cooperate
with being retagged for the subsequent paragraph and can't even be
deleted.  As a last resort, I recently converted a file with this
problem to a .mif and in Notepad found the offending paragraph, which
included the following notation: "Pgf Locked." When I deleted this line,
and then opened the file in FM, the paragraph tag could be deleted. 
Is there a keyboard shortcut in Framemaker for unlocking a paragraph
with this problem? (FM6, XP, etc.)

Fred Staal
Supervisor, Technical Publications
Schilling Robotics, LLC
Phone: (530) 753-6718 x155
Fax: (530) 753-8092
fred.staal at schilling.com


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