Graphics are always ovals so far as the computer goes.

You may be able to fake things if you create and link together a
series of text frames that each hold one or two lines and are placed
on a layer above the graphic, but it'd be fiddly work to get them to
stagger in and out...


On 12/16/06, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at> wrote:
> Dear FrameUsers... This is sort of a FrameMaker issue. For a rushed Christmas 
> newsletter for my partner's school, I have some GIFs that contain 
> 'traditional' seasonal designs, some of which are set in oval frames. 
> However, the overall GIF graphics are rectangular, so when inserted in the 
> newsletter (FrameMaker), the text runs around a rectangular frame rather than 
> the oval graphic itself when the runaround properties are set to 'Run around 
> contour'.
> I've tried setting an oval mask in Illustrator and exporting as EPS, but 
> FrameMaker still insists that the graphic is rectangular. I'm not sufficient 
> of an Illustrator expert - or any sort of Illustrator expert, for that matter 
> - to know if I'm taking the right approach.
> If anyone can tell me how to make a rectangular graphic oval such that 
> FrameMaker respects its true outline when flowing text, I'd be most grateful. 
> I should probably be doing this job in InDesign, but it's a rush and 
> FrameMaker is just so much less fiddly.

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