FrameMaker does not provide a feature specifically for putting a graphic 
to the side of a paragraph. Using tables is probably the most frequent way 
to achieve that effect. Another technique is to create two paragraphs with 
negative spacing between them so that they overlap vertically. The first 
paragraph is empty, but specifies a frame below with the graphic. The 
second paragraph has the desired text. Just remember that the space 
FrameMaker inserts between two paragraphs is the maximum of the space below 
the first and that above the second; if you set both to the same negative 
value, you move the second paragraph up that amount of space.

At 10:54 AM 12/18/2006, Tammy Van Boening wrote:
>I know how to place a line above or below text using reference page
>graphics and the advanced properties for the paragraph, but is there a
>way to place graphics on either side of a single piece of text? I am
>making a Glossary and for the GlossaryEntry paragraph tag (A, B, C,
>etc.), I have been asked to mimic some legacy stuff and on either side
>of an entry, place a double line that is aligned at the mid-point of the
>paragraph. (I hope this makes sense). Right now, I am using a three
>column, single row table with all borders hidden and the letter (A, B,
>etc.) formatted as I want in the center column and a paragraph tag that
>pulls a double line graphic from the reference page in the first and
>third columns, but I am hoping for a more elegant approach.

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