Hi, Everyone!

Been away for awhile, since my work on my door fixing book was complete, and
I had successfully created two different PDF versions with no glitches.

But alas, I have revised a certain section and attempted to create new PDF's
with failed results.

During PDF generation, as Distiller works diligently through the pages, it
suddenly comes upon pg. 84 and types the message:
%%[ Error: undefinedresource; OffendingCommand: findresource ]%%. Following
this, it flushes the project and quits.

Subtracting my TOC & preface pages (which are Roman Numerals) I judge the
offending page to be text #59. There are no unresolved cross references or,
so far as I can see, dangling data anywhere on the pages on either side of
the offending page. And, so far as I know, there is no way to search for an
"undefined resource."

What is most baffling is that this problem occurs in a part of the book that
was untouched by the revisions. Granted, I have migrated to a new computer
before attempting this revision. But so far as I know, all the files from
the previous subdirectories have been brought into the new hard drive. The
one illustration on the page is referred from the correct source, and all
markers and cross refs seem properly placed and functioning.

Needless to say I'm baffled by this and extremely frustrated. Suddenly the
self-publisher can't self-publish.

Any suggestions from any of you brilliant folks would be humbly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

~ Don Spencer

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