I'm in the process of converting some XML documents created with an
application that is not FrameMaker using a DTD that does not match ours.
I'm close, thanks to the generous help of people on this list.

Today's issue is index markers. The source XML looks like this:
<IndexTerm LevelOne="location management screen" LevelTwo="edit location
attributes" />
where Index Term is the element and LevelOne and LevelTwo are
attributes. There can also be a LevelThree.

My read/write rules relating to IndexTerm are:
element "IndexTerm" 
        is fm marker element "IndexTerm";
        attribute "LevelOne" is fm property marker text;
        attribute "LevelTwo" is fm property marker text;
        attribute "LevelThree" is fm property marker text;

However, only the LevelOne text is coming into the FM index marker. 

So the questions are:
1. How do I get the values of LevelTwo and LevelThree attributes to also
translate into the FM index marker?
2. How do I place the appropriate punctuation in the index marker?
(e.g., The index marker for the example above should be "location
management screen:edit location attributes". Notice the colon between
the LevelOne and LevelTwo attribute values.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who has time to look at this at this busy
time of the year.


Marsha Lofthouse
Motorola, Inc., Public Safety Applications
North America Government & Commercial Markets Division
Boulder Design Center
Marsha.Lofthouse at motorola.com

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