Hi Brad,

Switch you interface mode to Structured Framemaker:

File > Preferences > General > Product Interface. You will have to restart 
Framemaker after this. 

Now, if you have FrontPage, there is a preparatory step I would do: Open your 
html document in FrontPage, click in the code view, put the cursor on the page, 
right-click, and choose Apply XML Formatting Rules. This will make sure that 
the HTML is well formatted XML. Save the document.

Open the document in Framemaker. You will get the Unknown File Type dialog. 
Scroll down until you get to XML. You didn't see that before because you were 
probably in Unstructured Mode. Select XML, and then click Convert.

You will get an alert: "The file has no XML declaration. Continue to import 
tagged data?" Click OK.

A Framemaker log will appear, and over it another alert: "Validation of XML 
file failed. Continue?" Click OK. Your converted document should appear. You 
can dismiss the log window.

Now, you get a document that has some formatting looks reasonable, even though 
it's all a variation of Body. I started to write this solution to you 
yesterday, together with the news that tables at least seemed to remain tables, 
but then I noticed that in the sample document that I tried this on, not all 
the data in the tables got transferred. I didn' t have time to investigate why. 
So I am not sure what I have described above is your answer. 

Another, stronger option, one which would take more time and learning but which 
would yield far better results and is also not an ad hoc way to do things, is 
to actually prepare a structured application in Framemaker for this purpose, 
make sure your HTML documents adhear to XML standards, and then import that 
way. In this manner you could get exactly what you want, with no reformatting 

Anyway, I hope this helps.


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 Hello again list users,

Well, I've discovered that FrameMaker's help does have instructions on
how to open XML documents in Frame. They are:
Choose File > Open and select the file you want to open. 
Do one of the following: 
(Windows) Control-click Open. 
In the Reading Text File dialog box, select an option for reading the
file and click Read.

But when I try to open a file created in XML, instead of getting the
promised "Reading Text File" dialog box, I get the "Unknown File Type"
box. It then asks me if I want to open the XML file using a whole host
of different applications, (such as PageMaker or Quark) but it does not
give me the option of either HTML or XML. I chose RTF, and all that did
was spit a bunch of the raw XML code on my FrameMaker page.

So, I'm assuming that my FrameMaker application cannot recognize either
HTML or XML. How can I get it to do this? How can I get FrameMaker to
open an XML document?


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