At 16:14 -0800 20/12/06, DonandJudy1 wrote:

>Subsequently, I deleted each paragraph and the one illustration in turn,
>"saving as" on the fly. Finally, one paragraph's absence triggered a
>successful PDF.
>After saving the chapter as an MIF, then trying to clip the paragraph in
>from there, (no go,) I simply re-entered everything. Small paragraph, couple
>of cross references. Bang, Distiller went all the way to the final page.

Fascinating. Odd. What on earth could there be in a *paragraph* to generate 
PostScript that could trip up Distiller?

I read your original posting and thought to myself 'I bet it turns out to be an 
imported graphic'. That's why I'm surprised. Are you sure that the offending 
paragraph didn't contain the anchor for a floated figure that was actually on a 
succeeding page?


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