>  >Has anyone tried FrameMaker on a macintel with the Codeweavers'
>>CrossOver for Mac ?
>  No, but FrameMaker 7.1 is on their list of supported applications.
>  - web

Alas, FM only gets a bronze medal. Better than Bode Miller at the 
last Winter Olympics, but with none of the refreshing attitude.

Here's how CodeWeavers explain "bronze medal":

  The bronze is awarded to applications that install and run, and that 
can accomplish some portion of their fundamental mission. However, 
bronze applications generally have enough bugs that we recommend that 
our customers not depend on their functionality.

  The most important aspect of a bronze application is that 
CodeWeavers  makes a firm commitment to bring all bronze applications 
to the  silver level in future releases of CrossOver.

I think I know how to define "future".

Graeme Forbes

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