Unless you have modified the chapters, they're all in the default A flow.
Assuming you want the table numberss to increment across chapter
boundaries, try this:
1. Modify ONE of the para tags, say the one for tables, so that the
autonumber string reads:
2. Save the file.
3. In the book file containing that chapter, select all additional
chapters in which you want the table numbering to ripple. Don't select
the one in which you made the change.
4. Right click and select Numbering. On the Paragraph tab, select
Continue Numbering... and apply.
5. Still in the book file with the same set of files selected, pull
down File > Import > Formats. Specify the source file as the file in
which you modified the tag. Import Para formats into all the other
6. Save the book file.
7. Hold down the Shift key and pull down the File menu. Select Save
All Files in Book.
8. In the Book file, click the update icon. Check the numbering.

Assuming it works, repeat for figures, but specify a different
autonumber string in the chapter file. Substitute F: for the T:


On 12/22/06, David Spreadbury <dspreadb at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am trying to set up consecutive numbering for figures and tables across 
> multiple chapters in a book. The structure and template uses a paragraph Tag 
> with numbering set to <n+>. Each chapter restarts at #1. According to the 
> Framemaker 7.0 Online Manual, "Autonumbered paragraphs are numbered 
> consecutively in a text flow. If your document contains several text flows, 
> autonumbered paragraphs in each flow will be independent of the others."
>   So my problem appears to be that each chapter is in its own flow. How do i 
> get one flow across three chapters or 20 chapters?
>   Or is there a numbering option that will get the same effect?

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