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>My See and See Also index entries are live links in both PDF and HTML
>output. I want them to be plain text.
>I am using the <$nopage> building block but that just removes the page
>number, not the hyperlink.
>How do you generate a text-only See Also index marker?
>I'm using FrameMaker 6.0p405, Acrobat Professional 7.0.8, and WebWorks
>Publisher Professional on Windows XP.

Hypertext activity can be suppressed for the entire index (not 
recommended), but not for specific markers. <$nopage> indeed creates a 
link, even though the page number is not present.

It it possible to develop a "workaround" where the addition of a character 
format to the See/See Also index markers will serve to limit the link 
active area (making it very small).

But I recommend using different approach. See 
http://www.sundorne.com/FrameMaker/IndexRef/indexref.htm for information 
about a plug-in that helps fix the links created by See/See Also 
references, so that they point to the appropriate terms within the index 
(through cross-references) rather than to the source markers.

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