Hi Framers,

I have a lot of unstructured docs and I have conversion table to convert
them to structured files.

I wrote a FrameScript, but there are two points that I would like to improve
on this, and I did not find any commands for these in the FrameScript

1. To get the conversion table, I only can do the Execute FC MenuCommand
('SGStructureCurrentDoc') which brings me the window and then I have to
press OK. 

Is there a direct command that just does with specifying the file name?
Similar to importing EDDs or regular templates.

2. Then when the conversion is done I see the structured view and I have to
visually look at it to see if the structure is valid. If there are elements
in red color, then I know that it is not valid, otherwise, yes.

I did not find any command for this. 

Is there a command that can say whether the structure is valid or not? Like
a document property that is true or false?

Best, Greg

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