To all who post jobs on this list:

Please ALWAYS provide the city and state where the job is located, whether the 
job is staff or contract, and if contract, how long the contract is for.  There 
are places to which I would definitely not relocate, and I would not want to 
waste your time or mine by replying to a posting without that essential 



PS.    I hope I write better than a boat dock :-)


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>Subject: JOB?Tech Writer II/III
>Are you a highly productive technical writer who consistently 
>outperforms your piers in both production and quality, or are you an 
>experienced design or service engineer with proven writing abilities?
>Do you have at least four years of experience developing service 
>manuals or at least four years of machine systems design or product 
>support experience with a manufacturer in one of the following 
>industries: heavy equipment, automotive, trucking, industrial engines, 
>aerospace, ship building?
>Do you want to have more control over your own salary?
>Do you want to live in an area with outstanding cultural and outdoor 
>recreational opportunities?
>Are you willing to travel domestically and internationally?
>If you can answer yes to all of these questions, please forward your 
>resume and a writing sample to: jobs at

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