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> Q3 Is there anything I can do? We would prefer not to cut up the xml
> file as we want all chapters to talk to each other without spending long
> periods resolving broken xrefs.

coming from the XML end of things, my first question would be: Is the
XML file "valid" or at least "well-formed"?  I'm not sure how Frame
handles non-valid or XML files, but this would be a first step to
exclude one possible source of error.

To verify the validity of an XML file, use an XML parser, such as rxp
( which is a fast
command line parser (and may be better suited for this task than the
built-in parsers of tools such as XML spy or Oxygen XML)

C:/> rxp -sVV yourfile.xml

-s suppresses the output, and -VV stops at the first error encountered.


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